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Dani Powell
Dani Powell
Biographical Information
Real Name: Dani Powell
Title: NYPD Detective
Current Location: New York City
Interests: Malcolm Bright (kissed)
Affiliations: NYPD
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Pilot
Actor: Aurora Perrineau

Dani Powell is a cop who works with the NYPD. [1]

Early Life[]

Dani Powell was born and raised in the Bronx. [1]

Season 1[]

Dani Powell is working a case with JT Tarmel when she is introduced to Malcolm Bright. JT starts not liking him and Dani is skeptical of Malcolm's profiling abilities, she believes that his job is weird because he can see the crime from the killer's point of view. He quickly comes to the realization that the woman was killed by a copycat of The Surgeon. [1]

Days later she accompanies Gil Arroyo, JT and Malcolm to the morgue office. They're a band formed by Dr. Edrisa Tanaka the women had engaged in consensual bondage. This leads them to the apartment of their Dom, Nico Stavros. They find him tied up, and someone fires at them. Dani chases him out only to lose him soon after. She runs into Gill who was arrived late when an explosion in the building goes off. She finds Malcolm outside, who has a severed hand in a cooler. Later Malcolm adds to his profile of the serial killer. Believing him to be, among other things, bald.

Later Malcolm crashes into Dani while suffering from a night terror. She goes with him to an up-scale New York party looking for Carter Berkhead. The two split up and she finds his wife. They go to a private room to talk, only to be attacked by her husband. Dani is knocked down, and before the killer can stab her, Malcolm enters. He reveals he is the son of The Surgeon, saves Dani's life by putting his own life in danger, and before he can be killed Gil and JT arrive. Outside Gil explains how the two met. [1]

Annihilator 15

Chasing down Liam Houser

JT and Dani were called to the crime scene, and both are against letting Malcolm work with them after the copycat case because of his connection to the Surgeon, but Gil comes to his defense. After visually overlooking the crime scene, Dr. Edrisa Tanaka snipped off the stitches holding the victim's mouth closed, only for multiple black mamba's sneaks to exit, but Malcolm was able to handle the situation. Back at headquarters, they all agreed to follow up on the estranged family member Liam Houser. Unfortunately, he ran into a warehouse that was housing many animals for the black market. Everyone chased after him, but the chase was cut short after Malcolm got bit by a poisonous snake. The next day Malcolm was back on his feet, and after finding out Liam had supposedly killed himself, now believed he was murdered and wanted to follow up with the family lawyer about suspicious payments. The two arrived at Jon Littman's who was making burgers for his family. Malcolm came to the conclusion that he was actually the estranged son of the murdered father. Dani suggested he come quietly, and not have to make a scene in front of his family. Unfortunately, he had already poisoned them, as well as himself. Malcolm ran to the car for the first-aid kit, giving everyone a boost of adrenaline to counteract the poison. That night Gil ordered Dani to drive Malcolm home after having a bad reaction from his medication while drinking with Gil. At his loft, Dani sees that Malcolm sleeps with chains because of his night terrors and nightmares. She gently helps him fasten the chains around his wrist. Malcolm falls asleep, and Dani leaves his house. [2]

Fear Response22

Dani and the rest of the team were called out to the forest to examine a murder victim. Malcolm showed up later and brought everyone lollipops. They quickly realized that the man had his entire brain missing. Soon finding out a lot of the victims were connected to the University's secret experiments using grad students and LSD. Malcolm and Dani were later contacted by one of the doctors, only to hear him attacked on the other side of his phone call. They ran over to the University, and Dani went after the assailant while Malcolm looked after Dr. They later find out the doctor was poisoned with immense amount of LSD. They then went to have a quick visit with Dr. Elaine Brown who gave them the suspect Dominic Render. he was later shot dead by the doctor after he poisoned her with a ridiculous amount of LSD and attacking Malcolm. [3]

Designer Complicity 39

He enters a lavish New York apartment to find the dead model. JT is a fan and reveals her body was laid out in the same style as her first major advertisement magazine spread. With her now-boyfriend, Axel X as the photographer. Upon hearing Axel X is outside, Malcolm & Gil confront him. The next day at work, everyone discusses the case, and realize she saw her killed. Malcolm recognizes this intense stalking behavior and head back to her building. Back at the police station, JT brings up the boyfriend will be leaving for Europe soon. Malcolm insists they go to the party to head them off, but they can't get a search warrant in time. Malcolm goes to the party alone and soon able to coax Ajax outside with. They are then confronted by the real killer, a friend of Ajax. He tells Ajax to leave, and despite Malcolm's taking heat beats him to die. But before he was shot, the rest of the NYPD show up annd arrest the criminals. [4]

Deni was surprised to find Malcolm at the crime scene. Inside the room there were a dead bodyguard and the corpse of a drug dealer called Desire. Malcolm understands that the kill wasn't about drugs ; there is more than meets the eye. It was more personal. He thinks outside the box to see more options to make his profile. But Dani vividly confronts him and tells him that he doesn't know anything about drug cases. His profile is nonsensical in her opinion. As there is drug in the crime scene, so the murder should only be about drugs in her opinion.

The Trip 29

Estime also insists he had nothing to do with any recent deaths. Malcolm tries to help Dani get more information about Estime. But the conversation was short-lived when the club got shot up with an AK-47. With all the gunfire a box of cocaine explodes, and Malcolm ihals the good portion of it. Then, Gil lectures both of them for how reckless they were. Malcolm comes to Dani's defense, but Gil doesn't listen to him. Too high to function, he orders Dani to drive Malcolm home. At his loft, Malcolm tells Dani he has never had any friend. She listens to him and tells him she has trust issues and can't go there anymore too. Malcolm tells Dani can trust him. She sends him to the bathroom to wash his face while she makes him a burger. In the bathroom, Malcolm has a severe hallucination and has a panic attack. Dani enters the room and violently punches him to stop it, and his head knocks against the bathroom wall. (Warning : That's not how you should stop a panic attack !! You musn't hit, hurt or punch someone who is having an anxiety/panic attack. It's a form of severe violence towards a vulnerable and traumatized person. It must NOT be applied in Real Life on Real People !!!) The next day, Malcolm encourages Dani to confide in him about her worries if she feels okay with it. Dani admits that she used to work undercover, and knows Estime personally, she even got addicted to cocaine for two years. When she OD Estime brought her back to life. Malcolm listens to her story which helps him confirm that his first profile was accurate. The profile he stated at the begining was right. Inside the shop they find Estime and Trini. Malcolm was able to deduct that it was Fabiola’s mother, Trini Cadichon who killed Jacques Desir. Felling trapped she put the knife to Estime’s throat. But Dani was able to talk her down, and even goes outside to tell Saulo that he died. Giving him a fresh start, Dani wishes him well. Then Malcolm shows up and gives Dani a tea cup. She admits she feels guilty because she couldn't save one of the girls she knew during her undercover period because she left the group before her death. Malcolm rassures her and Dani starts feeling relieved. Both share a friendly moment. [5]

The team was working on the case after finding a body in the forest that had been stabbed over one hundred times. They suspected the mother's boyfriend, but after Dani & JT following her to the scene of the the crime, she atttacked Dani and the mother was arrested on charges of murder. Malcolm knew deep down that it didn't make sense and says that the mother is unlikely to be a sadist knowing she has a Jocasto Syndrom but no one believes him. It was soon discovered that Malcolm was right. She was trying to cover up her young son, Isaac Parker's crime after he murdered his own father in a semi-organized fit of rage. He later tried to kill the boyfriend, but was stopped by Malcolm and arrested.[6]

Dani and the rest of the team were able to go over Malcolm's profile about the recently deceased victims they found inside a junkyard. They were able to determine most were previously abusing drugs and/or alcohol before they went missing. The case was interrupted when Malcolm went to Claremont Psychiatric Hospital and was involved in a locked-down after a patient stabbed his therapist. They were on the phone with him while they fed him information about Tevin Standish. Malcome was soon able to subdue the man in order for paramedics to enter the building. [7]

Dani was called to Malcolm's house after he received a phone call from his father sealed off office. Malcolm awkwardly pointed out a couple of things in the foyer rather embarrassed at his rather luxurious upbringing. Later they went over the profile for Hall and soon both Dani and Malcolm went to question Father Leo who had housed multiple victims. Unfortunately the next day they were sent Father Leo's hand in a box. She was in the room when Paul Lazar called on the phone to talk to Malcolm until Malcolm got angry when he brought up a dead woman in the box. Before he left. [8] Weeks later, JT works a case about a sex cult with the rest of the team. [9]

Silent Night - 7

Dani along with everyone else was called to a luxurious hotel to find a dead police officer and Hooker. She was unhappy that such a prominent and good police officer had apparently committed a murder-suicide. After Malcolm arrived he insisted it was a double murder. No one believes him. He was about to clear up his profile but he was interrupted by an old colleague Colette. The FBI personally requested to work along the case with her. It wasn't long before she realized she had been requested in order to relay information about Malcolm, but she adamantly refused. Later she accompanied killed when they found out Malcolm had found out that their location of Paul and was at his childhood home. [10]

Later, the Police find out that Malcolm and another cop are dangerously missing and an investigation is starting to find them. Both men are in the Junkyard Killer's trap. Colette tells JT and Dani that they should follow protocol, even though it can endanger Malcolm's life. JT is about to disagree but Dani cuts him off and tells Colette they will follow her orders and obey her, believing that protocol is protocol and should be respected, no matter what, which has for consequence Malcolm's decreased chances to stay alive. JT asks Dani why she said this to Colette and she replies with : " It's easier to work with the FBI than against the FBI." While going over the scrapbook from Matilda's house Dani recognized the cabin and connected it to the one Malcolm had always been trying to locate. She and JT convinced Colette that that is where Paul Lazar would be holding Malcolm and they assembled a SWAT team. However it was in vain because neither were there. [11]

Internal Affairs - 11

As part of a sting operation, Dani gave her personal testimony to an internal investigator of the NYPD looking into Malcolm's mental behaviour. Wanting to determine if he was fit to return to work after being kidnapped. The night before, she watched Malcolm and Gil have a argument at work before Malcolm locked himself in an office because of a severe hallucination, she tries to open the door and tells Malcolm to do so but this is followed immediately by a blackout across part of New York. Though still seeing something was off with him, she decided it was nothing. [12]

After investigating elaborately set up attempted murders in the style of the classic The Count of Monte Cristo, Malcolm goes outside with Dani and both enter the car to drive him to the airport. Dani doesn't understand why he still feels depressed and anxious after the traumatic event he experienced with Paul Lazard weeks ago. She tells him : "Let it go ! Why can't you ?!". Malcolm feels she does not understand that he can't forget his trauma and he gives up talking about it. Then she asks him what he is afraid of. He admits he is afraid of himself. and tries to compare his life to a horror story movie. Dani says that no one would go watch it. Malcolm has a nervous laugh and both go to visit his dad. (Warning : Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, (C)-PTSD, and other mental disorders are REAL MEDICAL CONDITIONS !! "Let it go ! Why can't you" is an accusatory sentence and often makes people who suffer from mental disorders feel terrible. Don't do that in real life to real people. All emotions are valid.) After a quick and awkward introduction to the serial killer The Surgeon, Dani accompanies Malcome to the incredibly famous familie's wedding reception, she is wearing a dress and Malcolm tells her she looks amazing. At the reception they arrest the groom's father and the son's childhood girlfriend who he let drown. [13]

The entire team is discussing the carousel murder when Martin Whitley calls in with information, and Malcolm puts him on speaker. He immediately begins his own sly inquiry about the team before his son hangs up on him. [14]

The team investigated a serial killer who embalmed her victims so perfectly they looked real. They all accompanied Edrisa two a mortician's convention in the hopes of flushing out the killer. There, Malcolm is distracted and plays in his head some traumatic memories and thoughts linked to death. Dani tells him that she knows his father is hospitalized and Malcolm tries to change the subject. Dani blames Malcolm for being too private. She says that her father died when she was 16. As she told him this thing about her father, he should do the same and tell her everything he feels about all his traumatic experiences. Otherwise, he is not a good friend. She adds that he is the one who wanted them to be friends but he isn't capable of sharing his fears and deepest secrets with her, which makes Malcolm a terrible friend in her opinion. (Warning : Invading someone's privacy and intimate space and forcing them to spill everything they feel about their traumatic experiences and deepest secrets shouldn't be applied in Real Life.) Malcolm finds out that Edrisa is in danger. Edrisa is held at gunpoint but saved herself and Malcolm. Later, Malcolm apologizes to Dani. She accepts his apology.[15]

The Job 9

The entire team is called into a high-end jewelry robbery that left the manager murdered with a single gunshot wound. Malcolm shows up last and they explain the entire event, and he profiles that the shooter was a rogue team member. They are interrupted when Vijay Chandasara, an insurance agent who happens to be Malcolm's childhood. Back at the precinct, they are once again interrupted by Vijay, who is very adamant about wanting the return of the jewels for the company he represents. Gil, though insisting they are after whoever is behind the murders, as a second one is called in. The next day after setting up a drop with the criminals, Gil and Dani are to lead as both Malcolm and his friend are taken to a second location. But with the help of Vijay, they are able to track them down, though Vic had already managed to save Malcolm. [16]

While trying to determine who killed the husband of a famous mommy blogger, they originally suspect the nanny, but are surprised to find out it was her husband and she is a runaway of domestic abuse Malcolm remembers that scene in Death's door with Dani and tries to do what she told him to. He asks her to help him clear his mind because he has doubts about his girlfriend Eve. Dani lectures him about how wrong he is having trust issues and refuses to help him. (Warning : Inner insecurities, such as trust issues, are real medical conditions.) [17]

Dani and the team are called to investigate a ballot dancer who dropped dead during a private performance at a banquet hall. After another is left blind, the trail briefly leads to wealthy businessman Nicholas Endicott. However he is found innocent when they arrest the real killer, after he holds the lead ballerina hostage. [18]

Malcolm is informed his girlfriend killed herself, only to determine it was murder. Gil visits an old mob friend, and track down the professional killer in the area, who points them in the direction of a more intimate killer with a closer connection. They quickly realize, Eddie, Martin's new attendee, is the killer and attempted to kill Martin too. Malcolm gets upset at Endicot and Eddie because they killed Eve. Dani tries to calm him down but Malcolm leaves the office on the verge of a breakdown with tears in his eyes. Dani decides it's nothing and lets him go. The entire team accompany each other to Malcolm's apartment, where he is arrested for the murder of Eddie. [19]

Like Father..

Malcolm makes bail, despite his DNA found under the victim's fingernails. JT and Dani don't believe Malcolm and Dani tells him that a murder is what he actually "looks good for" because he is "too emotional", despite this fact being completly warranted because of the intense grief he is coming through. His mother has hired him a team of lawyers, and he has to wear ankle monitor at all times. The team confront Malcolm if he had escaped, as his father's lawyer was randomly murdered. Malcolm admits he did, and they bring him in for questioning. Dani blames him for not respecting rules but Malcolm claims he had no choice ; he had to protect his family. JT is skeptical of Malcolm's innocence. Dani doesn't trust him and and tells him to stop lying to them, which Malcolm responds with "You need to start believing me !!". Gil agrees to let him go, citing they don't have enough evidence to hold him. Later the team is called down to the hospital after Gil was stabbed by Nicholas. Dani apologized to Malcolm because she didn't trust him. Malcolm accepts her apology. [20]



  • Was addicted to cocaine for two years. She over-dosed and almost died. [5]
  • Her dad died when
  • she was 16.
  • [15]